What Makes the Fishers of Men Series Different?

The Usual Teaching Format

is more like giving a few talks on football and then sending the team out to play.

  • An instructor teaches.
  • Students listen.
  • There may be some discussion.
  • Little personal effort is applied.
  • The series concludes.
  • Students hear a lot of good information.  However they are unable to effectively share it wth others.

The Fishers of Men Model

is more like football practice.

  • A facilitator leads in a discipleship experience.
  • Much time is spent in small groups of two.
  • Students discuss workbook questions together.
  • Students memorize and master God’s Word together.
  • Students review and study in class together.
  • Students practice sharing key information together.
  • Students share highlights in the closing large group discussion.
  • Students test themselves and eachother near the end of the unit.
  • Students measure and celebrate their progress at the end of the unit.
  • Each student is able to share the main information with others with confidence.


If you were competing with the powers of darkness

 for the souls of men

and “the score” lasted for eternity,

which training format would you use?


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